Review: Death Walks at Midnight (1972)

Featuring in Arrow Video’s ‘Death Walks Twice’ recently released box set, Death Walks at Midnight is a thrilling giallo classic that benefits from an intriguing plot, a truly horrifying centerpiece of a nailed glove, and the fabulous lead of Susan Scott/Nieves Navarro as model Valentina.

Luciano Ercoli’s direction is top class, with some great action sequences, humour (the nightclub scenes are brilliant) and focus on Scott/Navarro’s expressive eyes.

Valentina takes a hallucinogenic drug, where she visualises a vicious murder of a young woman with a nailed glove and she also clearly sees who the killer is. Is the murder all in her mind, or did it actually happen? As it starts to come together, Valentina becomes the target of a murder plot which has twists and turns around every corner.

As with Death Walks on High Heels, …Midnight’s draw is predominantly due to Scott/Navarro’s ability to keep us on the edge of our seats. She makes us care, and she’s a pleasure to watch. The style of …Midnight is also glorious, with some stunning backdrops. It’s a real touch of class, with some gory moments – you’ll have nightmares about the horrible glove *shudder*.





Watch it for: The nailed glove


Review: Death Walks on High Heels (1971)

Luciano Ercoli’s giallo classic is released by Arrow Video today as part of the ‘Death Walks Twice’ box set, with Death Walks at Midnight (1972) also in the set.

It’s a joy to watch again, as we follow the stunning exotic dancer Nicole (Nieves Navarro, starring under her stage name of Susan Scott) as she’s involved in a plot to recover some stolen diamonds from her murdered jewel thief father, which puts her life under threat.

With the black-clad murderer with piercing blue eyes after her, Nicole flees to London with her new rich lover but she can’t get away from the stalker.

Death Walks…is kitsch, classy and sexy, with some great dialogue – in an English country pub, a man remarks to an old lady about the sex life of Nicole and her lover during the day, to which the old lady replies ‘what do they get up to at night?!’ – and it’s genuinely a lot of fun. As far as giallo goes, there’s some genre-pleasing moments that fans will enjoy and a solid, twist and turns plot that does bring a surprise at the end.

It’s worth watching for Navarro/Scott’s wonderful dancing alone.





Watch it for: Nieves Navarro/Susan Scott is captivating

Watch out for: What you see through the keyhole



Death Walks Twice – box set release from Arrow

Two Luciano Ercoli giallo classics from the early 70s are available from 28 March 2016 on a special box set release from Arrow Video.

Death Walks Twice features Death Walks on High Heels (1971) and Death Walks at Midnight (1972), both starring the captivating Nieves Navarro (billed under her adopted screen name of Susan Scott).

The box set is released on both Blu-ray and DVD, with reviews of each film coming up on Dead By Words soon.

Review: The Green Inferno (2013)

The Green Inferno promises a cannibal splatterfest and it certainly delivers, if watching a man have his tongue cut out, eyes gouged out and limbs cut off is your kind of thang. The problem with the film is it could have been absolutely terrifying but it fails in the scares. There’s no emotional connection between us and the poor college students who face the atrocities in the rainforest. It’s also kind of, well, stupid.

We know Eli Roth always delivers on gore – Hostel and Cabin Fever prove that. But he also has a tendency to try and bring tasteless chuckles into his films which distract from making the movies scary. The Green Inferno sees a dead girl being stuffed with super weed by the surviving college students, so when the cannibals eat her they get stoned. It’s their escape plan. What they don’t bank on is the cannibals getting the munchies.

Lead character Justine is played well by Lorenza Izzo (married to Eli Roth), and she’s the only one we really feel for. Her eyes express her terror, horror and finally hope. If you know this genre, you’ll understand she’s Laurie, she’s Sally, and she’s going to fight.

Despite the lack of scares, The Green Inferno is a good watch and keeps your interest throughout. It’ll be too strong for some, but will also leave a lot of us thinking ‘what was all the fuss about?’ And as Roth’s homage to 70s Italian cannibal films and 80s cannibal gore, he pulls it off. It’s just not as good or powerful as it could have been.





Watch it for: Lead Lorenza Izzo

Watch out for: The first cannibal kill. It’s pretty heavy

Suspiria remake – latest rumours

Dario Argento’s seminal Suspiria is one of DBW’s favourite horror films, so we’re treating the remake rumours with a huge ‘NOOOOOOOOO’. It’s SO not needed. There’s no way you can top Suspiria or Argento.

I Am Love director Luca Guadagnino is apparently the new director behind it, with Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnson linked to the cast. It’s going to be set in Berlin in 1977. No word yet on the ballet school. Or all the rain. Or the ‘Three Mothers’ aspect.

Excuse us as we cry into our room full of barbed wire.