31 Days of Halloween – Day 13 – Freddy vs. Jason (2003)

You know the saying that two beautiful people often have an ugly baby? That’s kind of like Freddy vs. Jason – two horror maestros give birth to a really awful film. This should be a clash of the titans. It’s just a snorefest.

We start off with Freddy (Robert Englund) redundant in Springwood, and forgotten about. To make his comeback, he manipulates Jason (Ken Kirzinger) into coming back to ‘life’ and to Springwood – striking fear into the teens of the town. The fear enables Freddy to come back, they fight over a victim and this then sets off the mother of all fights between them. Yep, it’s a completely dumb plot.

Aside from a few funny lines and some inventive kills, the film makes no sense and you don’t care about what’s happening on screen. Freddy vs. Jason turns out to be the most disappointing title fight ever.

WHO WINS?: Yeahhhh, we can’t say. 





Watch it for: It’s a bit of a gas to see them on screen together

Watch out for: Death by folding bed 

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