Horror cult classics #2 – Phenomena (1985)

Also known as Creepers, Phenomena is one of our favourite Dario Argento movies as it’s just so batshit crazy. Yep. even more than a normal Dario Argento film. Starring a young Jennifer Connelly as protagonist Jennifer Corvino, we also have a killer chimpanzee, a fantastic point-of-view shot from the perspective of a fly and Donald Pleasence thrown in for good measure. It’s pretty epic.

Jennifer arrives at the mysterious Swiss Richard Wagner Academy for Girls, where she sleepwalks and witnesses the murder of a fellow student. She becomes lost in a forest where she is discovered by forensic entomologist Professor John McGregor’s (Pleasence) chimp Inga who takes her back to his lab. John witnesses Jennifer’s interaction with his insects and believes she has a special telepathy with them. Y’all still with us on this?

It turns into a murder mystery but one with a sporadic heavy metal soundtrack, Roman Albani’s gorgeous cinematography and a gross third act with a pool of maggots and dead bodies.

Check it out on Amazon Prime Video

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