Devil Supernatural

Horror scene stealers #2 – Alice Cooper in Prince of Darkness (1987)

‘This is not a dream…not a dream…we are transmitting from year one-nine-nine…’

John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness is one of our favourite horror films of all time, and the second of Carpenter’s ‘Apocalypse Trilogy’ which also features The Thing (1982) and In the Mouth of Madness (1995).

A quantum physics professor and his students are invited by a priest (played by Donald Pleasence, as awesome as usual) to investigate a mysterious cylinder full of green gloop in the basement of an abandoned church in LA. They conclude it is Satan – naturally. And a group of homeless people start to gather outside the church with murderous, possessed intent.

One of them is Alice Cooper. It’s a surprise when he pops up but also rather cool. Shep Gordon, Cooper’s long-term manager, was one of the executive producers on the film and Cooper also released a compilation album entitled ‘Prince of Darkness’ in 1989. It’s a good performance and he’s suitably gruesome and scary.




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