31 Days of Streaming Halloween – Day 1 – Ghost Stories (2017)

This October our challenge is to watch 31 horror movies on a streaming platform via the ‘Customers also watched’ recommendation. So when we watch one, we’ll see where it then takes us. We’re not sure what terrors await us but we start with Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson’s 2017 chiller Ghost Stories. And our chosen platform this year is Amazon Prime Video.

Ghost Stories started its life as a stage play and was something of a cult hit, with lots of buzz about how scary it was. It transfers very well to the big screen (well, small screen on rental) with Nyman reprising his role as Professor Phillip Goodman who has a TV programme debunking fraudulent psychics and that the paranormal doesn’t exist. EVERYTHING has an explanation. Professor Goodman is given three unsolved cases by frail 70s paranormal investigator Charles Cameron – ones that he has never been able to rationalise – and we have a neat, spooky anthology ahead of us with some real jump scares.

Paul Whitehouse’s tale as Tony Matthews, a night watchman in a disused asylum for women, is proper freaky and there were times we wanted to hide. When his torch shines into a corner or a creaky door opens for him to enter a room full of mannequins, it really gets the shivers going on you. Less scary is the story of Simon Rifkind’s (Alex Lawther) hit and run in the woods where he’s knocked over someone/something you really don’t want to mess with. The ‘final’ story is from Martin Freeman as financier Mike Priddle whose pregnant wife is in labour in hospital; he is visited by a poltergeist and then gets a sinister sign that all is not well in the delivery suite.

So that’s that, then? Not quite. Goodman starts to see frightening things – things that relate to his life – as he interviews the three subjects. And there’s a shadowy, hooded figure stalking him.

We won’t say anymore but on repeat viewings you’ll start to see more and more clues. It’s an intelligent and genuinely scary film and highly recommended viewing for this Shocktober.

RATING: 7/10
Watch it for: Andy Nyman is brilliant
Watch out for: Dadddyyyyyyyyy…

Next up…Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem (2013)





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