31 Days of Streaming Halloween – Day 2 – The Lords of Salem (2012)

We LOVE Rob Zombie films at Dead By Words. We even like his Halloween adaptations and many don’t. He has a great vision and aesthetic, and is brutal and bloody scary. The Lords of Salem totally blew us away – we didn’t know it was THIS good. It’s an absolute riot with homage to Dario Argento, Stanley Kubrick and Ken Russell’s The Devils (1971). If you haven’t seen it, please, please, please check it out.

Zombie’s muse is his wife Sheri Moon Zombie and in this film she plays alt radio DJ Heidi, who has a show with two male friends in Salem, US. Her life seems pretty neat – she’s fun, has a lovely doggo and lives in a cool rented apartment in a house owned by a nice lady. However, she then receives a mysterious record to play from a ‘band’ calling themselves The Lords; when she plays their music on her show, it sends her and all the female folk in Salem a little freaky. There seems to be a hidden message for them in there and then something scary is lurking in her kitchen. Heidi has to confront her past and her destiny, which involves a special one-night-only gig from The Lords.

THIS MOVIE RULES! It looks great, there’s some real spooky moments in it and the end goes very trippy. It’s funny and there’s also a marvellous appearance by The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s (1975) wonderful Patricia Quinn, aka Magenta. It feels very late 90s/early 2000s, very alt grunge and that’s deliberate. It’s Zombie’s best movie to date.

RATING: 9/10

Watch it for: We loved every moment but the aesthetic is pretty special, it looks glorious. Zombie himself described it as ‘if Ken Russell directed The Shining’

Watch out for: The thing that lurks in Heidi’s kitchen. Also please let the dog be okay.

Next up…Hellraiser (1987)

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