31 Days of Streaming Halloween – Day 11 – Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966)

Another day, another Hammer, another classic. This is the studio’s third entry in its Dracula movie series, and the second film to feature Christopher Lee as the toothy one. It’s suitably gruesome and scary, with a great shot as Dracula comes back to life – his thin, white, pointy-nails hand slowly coming over the top of the coffin.

Lee revels in the performance and is another icon – his Dracula doesn’t make any small talk; screenwriter Jimmy Sangster stating in his memoir Inside Hammer, “Vampires don’t chat…’ Dracula’s ominous presence is enough alone.

The film follows four English tourists as they visit Karlsbad in Germany, despite being warned not to go there. Oh. They’re lost at night and see a castle where they hope to stay instead of a tiny, wooden hut. Oh again. Big mistake. Big, biggggggg mistake.

All kinds of nasty things happen. Count Dracula’s servant Klove (Philip Latham) sacrifices one of the tourists to bring back his master – the victim is strung up over the Count’s coffin and his throat is slit, the blood draining into the coffin. It’s graphic, icky and very OTT. There’s also a sexy bit where one of the female tourists is possessed and lured into nearly drinking blood from Dracula’s bare chest. Hellloooooo.

It’s a must watch for any horror fan so turn the lights off and give in to Dracula. The best Dracula!

RATING: 8/10
Watch it for: Christopher Lee is an icon
Watch out for: The coffin sacrifice is nasstyyy

Next up…The Blob (1958)



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