31 Days of Streaming Halloween – Day 12 – The Blob (1958)

“Beware of The Blob, it creeps
And leaps and glides and slides
Across the floor
Right through the door
And all around the wall
A splotch, a blotch…be careful of The Blob”

The Blob (1958) is awesome, starting off with a jolly little ditty about the nightmare scenario to follow. Steve (Steve McQueen) and his girlfriend Jane (Aneta Corsaut) are making out, when they see a meteorite crash nearby. IT IS THE BLOB. An old man finds the meteorite first, pokes it open with a stick (if in doubt, poke with a stick) and THE BLOB COMES OUT AND ATTACHES HIMSELF TO THE MAN AND THEN EATS HIM. The red jelly thing eats everyone in its path so it’s up to Steve, Jane and the rest of his townsfolk to defeat The Blob and save the day.

Compared to today’s shock horror effects, The Blob is a little naff but it’s still a very effective film. McQueen and Corsaut carry the film expertly and there’s some moments that give you the willies, especially when it’s in the cinema chomping people up and turning redder and redder from everyone’s blood. Yuck. It looks like a gigantic haemorrhoid though.

With a hooray ending that also gives us a spooky prediction about global warming, it’s a really fun, classic film that is great for a popcorn afternoon this month.

RATING: 7/10
Watch it for: Steve McQueen carries the film
Watch out for: The Blob is gross

Next up…Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978)



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