31 Days of Streaming Halloween – Day 16 – Wicked Stepmother (1989)

So this film is really awful. It’s known as the last work of Bette Davis, who actually pulled out of the project after filming had begun. She died eight months after the film was released. It’s a pity this is her final work, but she does turn into a chain smoking cat which is kind of cool (to explain her absence during the shoot!).

The plot is about a mother and daughter witch combo – Davis playing Miranda Pierpoint, and Barbara Carrera as her daughter Priscilla. Davis is the wicked stepmother in question, as a yuppie couple return home from vacation to find out ‘Dad’ has remarried. The character of Priscilla was introduced as Davis was absent, and it’s all a little confused. Why would Priscilla be in the house also? It doesn’t make sense. But we guess they were kind of desperate at salvaging a plot of some sorts.

There’s of course the vague connection to horror as they are witches, but there is nothing scary or anything of merit here. Avoid, avoid, AVOID.

RATING: 2/10
Watch it for: Bette Davis is the only good thing about this movie…and she left it
Watch out for: The smoking cat is HYPE

Next up…Motel Hell (1980)

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