31 Days of Streaming Halloween – Day 21 – Carrie (2013)

We really didn’t need a third adaptation of Stephen King’s classic horror novel. Brian De Palma’s 1976 film starring Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie (and a young John Travolta) is one of THE best horror movies ever, so nothing could ever top that. Kimberly Peirce’s 2013 Carrie does give it a good try though and isn’t as disastrous as you may imagine.

Chloë Grace Moretz plays our ‘heroine’ and she does it well; the public shaming that she encounters from her high school peers is even more brutal in this version, as the infamous ‘plug it up’ scene is filmed and uploaded on to YouTube by her nemesis Chris (Portia Doubleday). This brings Carrie bang up-to-date for the social media generation. The abuse she suffers from her mother Margaret (a brilliant Julianne Moore) also feels more disturbing this time around; it’s very disturbing to watch.

When Carrie’s revenge does come on her classmates – and, boy, does it reign down in fire and fury – it is brought vividly to life, with bones crushing, heads smashing and prom dresses set ablaze. There’s no scary split-screen a’la De Palma but this version is even more graphic and the way she despatches of Chris is quite shocking. And then she returns to Margaret, for the Mother of all showdowns.

We really enjoyed it. Give it a go.

RATING: 7/10
Watch it for: Carrie for the social media generation
Watch out for: Chris + a windscreen. Nasty

Next up…The Forest (2016)





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