31 Days of Streaming Halloween – Day 24 – Dolls (1987)

We’ve never seen Dolls before and it’s ruddy awesome. Produced by Society’s Brian Yuzna, you know it’s going to be good. And dolls are inherently scary. They’re creepzone. This is a very effective horror film and one we’re going to be watching again and again each October.

A couple and their child are stranded in a violent storm in the English countryside, and are taken into a gothic mansion by a kind elderly couple – Gabriel and Hilary Hartwicke (Guy Rolfe and Hilary Mason). Gabriel makes dolls and what the family don’t know is that these little people come to life. And they’re very, very murderous. If you are a bad person.

Some Brit hitchhikers and the man who picked them up – Ralph (Stephen Lee), the comedy element – also get stranded in the storm and ask for the Hartwicke’s help, upping the body count further. The dolls then start their games as the guests stay the night in the mansion.

It really is a creepy and unsettling movie, and the special effects still hold up today. When one of the hitchhikers is attacked and beaten senseless by the dolls in a bloody fashion, it’s still very shocking. Holding the emotional key to the film is young Judy Bower (Carrie Lorraine) who is the first to spot the dolls in action and tell the adults who, of course, don’t believe her.

This is a good, old-fashioned scare flick and one we really enjoyed this Shocktober. Put it on your viewing list.

RATING: 9/10
Watch it for: The dolls are scary AF
Watch out for: Enid’s death by toy soldiers

Next up…Child’s Play (1988)

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