31 Days of Streaming Halloween – Day 28 – The Witch (2015)

2015’s The Witch is miles ahead of Hereditary as a truly horrific watch. Set in 1630s New England, a young family build a farm on the edge of a large, scary forest – away from the Puritan plantation that banished them over a religious argument. When Thomasin (a superb Anya Taylor-Joy) is playing peekaboo with Samuel, the baby of the family, he suddenly disappears. Who steals him would be telling, but the family are convinced it is a wolf and then all manner of hell breaks loose. There’s also the presence of a sinister black goat who may, or may not, be the Devil.

Any horror movies involving children are always unsettling (hello The Shining and Poltergeist, you scarred us for life) but The Witch is especially unpleasant. Kudos must go to Harvey Scrimshaw who plays the younger brother Caleb. Some of his scenes are the most intense we’ve seen for a while and he absolutely smashes it.

The story unfolds itself with true horror and it is a captivating watch. If you haven’t seen it, do check it out this Shocktober.

RATING: 9/10
Watch it for: Black Phillip, the devilish goat
Watch out for: Caleb – yikes

Next up…It Follows (2015)

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