Review: Raw (2016)

From the ‘shock! horror! people fainted!’ reviews from the mainstream press, we wouldn’t blame you for going into cannibal movie Raw feeling a little worried about what’s to come. Can you stomach it? Is this going to the grossest film ever? It’s really tame for horror pros actually, but don’t let that put you off what is a brilliant flick about a veggie veterinary student who develops a taste for human flesh after an initiation ceremony. It’s smart, cool and has some beautiful shots…and is even quite funny.

Garance Marillier plays first year student Justine, who has the unfortunate pleasure of going to the same veterinary school as her intimidating older sister Alexia (Ella Rumpf). This is a coming of age tale as Justine struggles to find her own identity at the school, underneath the bold supervision of Alexia. That her identity ends up with her being a cannibal isn’t the point really – this is also about Justine’s sexual awakening and hunger of all sorts.

The leads are brilliant and this isn’t a gore fest. There are some truly haunting shots that stay with you for a long time – making cars crash to feast on the victims, Justine’s hunger when Alexia accidentally amputates a finger, a morning after scene that reveals a shock under the sheets – but Raw is an intelligent watch that will have you thinking about it for days after.




RATING: 7/10

Watch it for: Lead Garance Marillier is captivating       

Watch out for: Your sister’s finger 


31 Days of Halloween – Day 4 – The Green Inferno (2013)

We’ve previously reviewed Eli Roth’s cannibal horror flick, but how does it fit in with our 31 Days of Halloween viewing schedule? It’s tasty – very tasty indeed.

Student Justine (Lorenza Izzo, Roth’s wife) joins an activist group in the Amazon rainforest, and after their plane crashes they’re captured by a tribe of cannibals. It’s gory, it’s shocking but it’s also a lot of fun and in typical Roth fashion, it does get a little goofy. For Halloween, it’s the perfect starter…just stay away from the nachos. You won’t want to eat during this.

BEST SERVED WITH: We advise no snacks whilst watching The Green Inferno





Watch it for: A schlock horror homage to the cannibal flick boom of the 70s/80s

Watch out for: Poor Jonah. Can you watch this scene the whole way through? 

Review: The Green Inferno (2013)

The Green Inferno promises a cannibal splatterfest and it certainly delivers, if watching a man have his tongue cut out, eyes gouged out and limbs cut off is your kind of thang. The problem with the film is it could have been absolutely terrifying but it fails in the scares. There’s no emotional connection between us and the poor college students who face the atrocities in the rainforest. It’s also kind of, well, stupid.

We know Eli Roth always delivers on gore – Hostel and Cabin Fever prove that. But he also has a tendency to try and bring tasteless chuckles into his films which distract from making the movies scary. The Green Inferno sees a dead girl being stuffed with super weed by the surviving college students, so when the cannibals eat her they get stoned. It’s their escape plan. What they don’t bank on is the cannibals getting the munchies.

Lead character Justine is played well by Lorenza Izzo (married to Eli Roth), and she’s the only one we really feel for. Her eyes express her terror, horror and finally hope. If you know this genre, you’ll understand she’s Laurie, she’s Sally, and she’s going to fight.

Despite the lack of scares, The Green Inferno is a good watch and keeps your interest throughout. It’ll be too strong for some, but will also leave a lot of us thinking ‘what was all the fuss about?’ And as Roth’s homage to 70s Italian cannibal films and 80s cannibal gore, he pulls it off. It’s just not as good or powerful as it could have been.





Watch it for: Lead Lorenza Izzo

Watch out for: The first cannibal kill. It’s pretty heavy