31 scary movie moments – 25) Caleb’s death in The Witch (2015)

Scary children, a scary lady in the woods, a scary…goat – The Witch is one of the best contemporary horror films for some time and will definitely give you the creeps. A Puritan family are banished from a plantation in 17th century New England. They set up a farm, complete with the goat from hell, and one day their newborn baby/sibling disappears. A bad thing in the woods likes to do bad things to babies. Unfortunately peril also comes to the other children, including Caleb (Harvey Scrimshaw) who falls prey to some ‘orrid witchcraft. It’s an outstanding performance from this young actor and absolutely terrifying.


31 scary movie moments – 17) Sgt. Howie’s sacrifice in The Wicker Man (1973)

One of the most disturbing and frightening prolonged ends to a film, Sgt. Howie’s (Edward Woodward) demise in The Wicker Man…in a wicker man…is not for the faint-hearted. We spend the duration of the film with him as he explores the mysteries and strange folk of Summerisle and then they go and do that to him. He calls for ‘Christ!’ and ‘Lord!’ before he burns, but there is no escape. The animals burning and shrieking around him add to the horror. And the folks of Summerisle watch him with glee, and sing, and sing. Gulp.